QEP - Student Learning Initiative Topic Ideas

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QEP - Student Learning Initiative Topic Ideas

In response to a call for ideas from the QEP Topic Selection Team, ATC faculty, staff, and students submitted these 28 topic proposals between April and May 2012. Please take a moment to review the topics and comments.

Proposal #15

Link to PDF Proposal #15

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  1. As an adjunct faculty, I support the need for this improvement. I have been teaching for 7 years at the college.
    I have attended some of the workshops especially involving Angel and policies/procedures through Professional Development. Perhaps alternate times would allow those who are full-time elsewhere to attend. Also, I support the focus groups to use adjuncts to share with others.
    Many of the adjunct instructors are very experienced faculty and can offer help on the curriculum or teaching best practices to others including full-time faculty.
    Because some of the adjuncts also work for potential employers of our students, they are an excellent resource for recommendations, and career opportunities.


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