QEP - Student Learning Initiative Topic Ideas

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QEP - Student Learning Initiative Topic Ideas

In response to a call for ideas from the QEP Topic Selection Team, ATC faculty, staff, and students submitted these 28 topic proposals between April and May 2012. Please take a moment to review the topics and comments.

Proposal #12

Link to PDF Proposal #12

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  1. The Alpha to Omega proposal is a combination of some of the other proposals and, thus, has lots of good components in it. Concerning how the advising would work, the idea of having every student create a detailed map of what courses can be taken each term until completion and a tentative graduation date sounds good but isn't really practical for all the students not starting in program courses and who are trying to get into competitive health science programs. I beleive students already are doing something like this in COLL 0099 and this would be something to do in a 1-credit Intro to College course as well.


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